26 Jul 2017

Soundi reviews Flowers Must Die's album Kompost

Roughly translated it reads:

"Psychedelia has been going strong in Sweden for quite a while now. One of the most crucial labels in this movement is Rocket, whose roster includes among others Goat, Gnod, Gnoomes, Julie's Haircut and Hills.

Flowers Must Die, founded in 2006 in Linköping, adds a beautiful contribution to an already impressive heap of music.

On top of sixties style psychedelia, the six-piece group has added a hefty diet of Hawkwind and krautrockers such as Can, Amon Düül II and Ash Ra Tempel (the band name actually comes from one of their songs).

The name of the game is feisty improvisation and intense build ups, not that far from Circle, but more in an acid mood. The steadily expanding hypnoticism of the songs reminds one of the cosmic moment when strong psychedelics kick in.

The music, at times soulful and funky, is mostly instrumental, but there is some more traditional singing on the track Don't You Leave Me Now. The guitarists Sven Walan and Johan Höglund are in fine form overall, delivering tasty sounds utilizizing various effects. Especially the distorted riff of Why? is splendidly humoristic. However, the real ace up the band's sleeve is synth player Rickard Daun, who manages to combine trippy soundscapes seamlessly with tighter jams. Flute and a saxophone also appear in the mix, adding colour to the rich whole, that maintains its tension throughout the album."

See the review here: Soundi


Housewives are headlng out for some shows

Housewives are going to be celebrating the release of their Rocket album 'FF061116' with a string of shows:

18/8 - Bristol - Surrey Vaults
19/8 - London - Cafe Oto (Album launch – playing as a seven piece)
23/8 - Nottingham - JT Soar Space
24/8 - Leeds - Wharf Chambers
25/8 - Glasgow - Broadcast
26/8 - Manchester - The Soup Kitchen
27/8 - Sheffield - Picture House Social
02/9 - Toulouse - Baignade Interdite Festival
13/9 - Paris - La Mécanique Ondulatoire 
14/9 - Jurancon
15/9 - Marseille - L'Embobineuse 
16/9 - Lyon - Le Sonic
17/9 - Strasbourg

You can preorder the LP on Ltd blue vinyl here: Housewives


Hills to play Reverence Festival in September

Hills have ben confirmed to play a rare live show Reverence Festival in Portugal on weekend 8/9 September – they are joining the great Träd, Gräs & Stenar as well as Esben and the Witch, The Guts etc etc

This is going to be Hills ONLY live show this year.
Not to be missed

More information here: Reverence


Kuro to support Helen Money

Kuro follow their appearances at Supersonic and Supernormal Festivals with two shows supporting the great Helen Money:

19 September / The Cube / Bristol Tickets
21 September / The Vicroria Dalston / London Tickets


25 Jul 2017

Liverpool Psych Fest announce day splits

Liverpool have revealed their day splits for this weekends festival.

Gnod and Julie's Haircut are playing Friday.
And Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are playing Saturday.

Info and tickets can be bought from here: Liverpool

Gonna be a blinder weekend as always!


Housewives reveal new video for track 'Excerpt 2'

London four piece Housewives have revealed a video for the track 'Excerpt 2' taken from their forthcoming album 'FF061116' – their first for Rocket. The Ltd LP will be released on 18 August.

Watch the video above

And read what The Quietus say about it here: The Quietus

‘FF061116’ is split into seven excerpts and built on powerful repetition, it’s a mind-melding travail into abstraction and abjection which draws on post-punk, jazz, drone, electronic and avant-garde tropes to create an unclassifiable assault that feels oddly timeless - innovative, invigorating and bare-boned yet tapping into a uniquely English lineage that extends back to the 1970s and forward, into the unknown. 

You can preorder the album on special blue vinyl – ltd to 200 copies here: Rocket Bandcamp

The band are also playing some shows:

18 Aug UK Bristol Surrey Vaults 
19 Aug UK London Café Oto 
24 Aug UK Leeds Wharf Chambers
26 Aug UK Manchester Soup Kitchen 
27 Aug UK Sheffield Audacious Art Experiment 
02 Sep FR Aiguelèze Baignade Interdite


24 Jul 2017

The Guardian reviews Milhões de Festa – feat Gnod/Faust, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and Big Naturals from 2016

It says:

There has been a noticeable revitalisation of the club scene in Portugal, not to mention parallel upshifts in the country’s rock and pop over the last few years. Several waves of African influence have helped cement Angolan kuduro as a dynamic creative force, in both the mainstream via popular acts such as (the now dormant) Buraka Som Sistema a decade ago to the more recent and relatively underground batida scene, centred round the incredibly vital Príncipe Discos label – a focal point for the kuduro/kizomba/tarraxinha/grime/house/techno hybrid sound which was incubated in Lisbon’s poorer districts before emanating outwards toward the rest of the country.

There are numerous reasons for all of this, according to Portuguese music promoter Joaquim Durães, such as a reawakened sense of national cultural pride – but he adds that the country’s liberalisation of drug laws in 2001 has played its role as well. Now less likely to find themselves in “sketchy” and “stressful” situations, musicians (well, the ones who seek chemical and herbal solutions to.. 

Read the full review here: The Guardian