21 Nov 2017

Sister Ray puts Gnod in their Albums of the Year

Another great record shop puts Gnod in their Album of the Year list.

Sister Ray have placed Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine at number 22

See the full rundown here: Sister Ray


Fuzzy Sun say some words on Shit & Shine

They say:

Some music is just made for listening to loud. You can try to pick a book or chill in the garden or listen to this while having small talk, but it just won’t work. the moment you put on the latest by Shit and Shine you just need to grap that volume button and turn it to eleven. try it.

See the full piece here: Fuzzy Sun


20 Nov 2017

Baba Yaga's Hut New Years Eve, Eve party

Baba Yaga's Hut has put together a great bill for the night before New Years Eve at the Corsica studios.

Half of Rocket will be attending, so come and join us.

Tickets: BYH


Soundblab reviews Shit & Shines's That's Enough EP

It reads:

The fact that Shit & Shine have put records out on Rocket, Riot Season and Editions Mego should be enough recommendation for anyone. The That’s Enough EP (actually the length of an album) comes to us courtesy of the ever-dependable Rocket Recordings and is limited to just 300 copies on vinyl.

The title track starts with a one minute clip from the Fast Show before a rolling rhythm comes to us out of a heavily distorted drum machine. Various other noise-making devices are also utilised but the continuous rhythm holds centre-stage. Sometimes the distortion swamps the drum pattern so it’s quite like one of William Basinski’s disintegrating tape loops. It’s also not far from the more punishing end of Industrial-Techno, like Regis. And this is how it continues for 20 minutes. Fans of Shit & Shine will already be used to these tests of endurance. The Worst is based around a clip from American Idol, backed by squelching noises and drum machine. The Butthole Surfers are the most obvious influence this time, along with Throbbing Gristle and Experimental Hip-Hop. The final track - I Like You, Betty - is harder but still has a pleasant skip to the rhythm, like a cross between Holy Fuck and Dalek. Explosions and splashes of Free Jazz rain down on us throughout.

The first and last tracks on That’s Enough are the most successful with the rhythms, distortion, sound effects and repetition combining to great effect. The Worst is enjoyable for putting Simon Cowell on a Shit & Shine track. But, all in all, a solid piece of work.

Read the full review here: Soundblab


Listen to Teeth of the Sea's Mike Bourne film Soundtrack

Earlier this year,Mike Bourne fro Teeth of the Sea composed the soundtrack to a short film – a psychological horror called ‘Wine Dark Sea’ directed by Ben Lister.   

The whole score was performed on the Eurorack Modular Synth and you can listen to a track above.

Mike will be playing a rare solo show at our Rocket Twenty event in March: Tickets


17 Nov 2017

Gnod and Gnoomes in Piccadilly Records albums of the year

ice to see both Gnoomes's 'Tschak!' and Gnod's 'Just say no...' albums making it into Piccadilly's Albums of the Year list.

Well deserved!

See the full rundown here: Piccadilly


Shit and Shine – That's Enough EP released today ***VINYL DELAYED***

We are celebrating today's release of the Shit and Shine – That's Enough EP – though unfortunately there has been a meltdown at the plant and the ltd vinyl is delayed. This is what we were sent:


Unfortuantely the factory have just informed us they have gone massively over capacity and into meltdown and all original schedules are now void until this is cleared / sorted out.

Your records will not ship until next year now, probably 10/01 but this may come forward as the back log is cleared.

Very sorry about this but not much we can do.

Apologies again


Though you can now at least listen to the EP in full now, via Spotify or buy download via iTunes

But we are still taking preorders on the Ltd 12", so if you want a copy better get on it quick as there aren't that many left: Bandcamp